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Our Expertise

We propose assistance toward your industrial projects organisation and management

Why Choose Us

Technical Expertise

Support from Engineering phase unto full deployment, from blank sheet projects or for Evolution/retrofit projectsd

Result Based Project Management

Constant milestone overview

Financial Analysis

Both In depth control and prospective anticipation, to ensure best financial conduct

Contact our customer support team if you have any further questions. We are hear to help you out

Project Scheduling Mastery

Efficient primo-scheduling and progress survey
"There are no successfull project without efficient planning"

International Sourcing

Active Network of International contacts to quickly identify key suppliers for any needs

Insightful prototyping

Strong Technical and practical culture, with operation and final efficiency in mind



Lattest updates and achievements

Ukraine Sourcing

Our firsts partnerships in Ukraine lead to successful identification of Eastern European suppliers, for our customers delight! Let’s pursue this success!

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Qpow Kick off!

Gasifier power generation project is starting!! design and prototype study are starting. erection and startup anticipated for Feb 2022.

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Il n'est pas de problème.. Il n'y a que des solutions, fussent-elles techniques, contractuelles , organisationnelles.. et surtout humaines. Notre rôle est de vous trouver ces solutions et de les mettre en place.

Q consulting


Your Plan

You have questions? Contact us today, we’re here to help. Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Bronze Package

Short projects (1 week or less) with low mobilizations
800 per day
  • Technical, Organisational or Sourcing Asssitance,
  • 4X More Scalable,
  • Intuitive Reporting.

Silver Package

Medium Projects With International Presence
650 daily
  • Advanced Management Tool Deployment,
  • International support for Sourcing and Project Management.

Gold Package

Long projects (3 months and longer durations)
550 daily
  • 100% availability on project
  • Full Deployment of Internal Management Tools
  • The Ultimate in Performance.

Our customers and partnerships

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